Newnan || Always Get Counsel and Advise

Okay: I was raised an Army Brat and my Father and Mother and their friends used the old fashioned term a lot, almost always in a laughing conversation about either themselves or a mutual friend who had done something silly. I thought the term applied to the subject matter of this post, so I have posted a picture of one of the most beautiful motorcycle engines ever built and one that is highly sought after and is very expensive; and the engine's name [below in the label] is also the descriptive term I grew up hearing at the parties Mom and Dad threw and those they took me to until I was old enough to stay home ~ and in the Army that was every weekend, either Friday or Saturday night. It is a term of endearment and at the same time one acknowledging stubbornness to a fault, usually used in a good humored way. With that said, here is what I have to say: I have seen some of the most god-awful agreements seeking to be modified that in almost every case are presented by a prospective client who is well educated, and earning an above average income. How in the world they decided to sign an agreement without an attorney's advice and counsel is bewildering, still beyond me: alimony for life with no ability to modify for any reason ~ Wow! joint custody that is not joint at all but is completely ones-sided with no support despite dramatically disparate incomes ~ college with no cap on the amount to be paid ~ Wow!

Please: Don't do your own dentistry, surgery, engineering or legal work if you are not working in your profession and even then don't do it!