Just got certified for 2013 by attending the 31st Annual Family Law Institute.  It is three (3) days of pretty intense programs covering the latest in Family Law in Georgia.  It was good to see old friends, make new ones and talk to several Judges in attendance.  After twenty-five years of practice I didn't learn a load of new things but I did learn and was reminded of several new developments that will make my practice of law even better.   Call me today if you have a family issue, from divorce to contempt, modification to adoption.  770-253-7778 or email me at: KeithPrater.Law

We Have Relocated To The Summit Professional Park

We have finally completed our move to 1665 Hwy 34 E, Suite 300, Newnan, GA 30265.  We are located in the newest building, just opened last month, in The Summit Professional Park.  We are just east of White Oak Drive and across the big parking lot from The Healthplex.  It is a great area.  Call us for an appointment if you have a legal problem|matter:  770-253-7778

The Hard Truth: Some Clients Don't Want To Hear It

When a lawyer has practiced several years and spent his or her time in Court week after week, month after month, year after year, listening to what Judges have to say in a lot of cases and how they arrive at their decisions and what they want to support a wide variety of issues and asserted positions and then share that information|wisdom with a client and the client totally ignores that shared information ... what does the lawyer do?  I document the file with a note, email or other memorialization that I have told the client what I thought the Court would do, want to hear, be interested in and I go forward and present the case the client wants presented as best I can prepare it and present it.  Once in a blue  moon the Court rules in a way that was unexpected.  Virtually every time the Court|Judge rules the way he or she should based on the facts presented and the law applicable.  A few generalizations to consider:  (1) If children are involved the Court's interest above all else will be their best interests; (2) Infants and younger children, under 5 or so, almost always are better off with Mom as the primary custodian and Dad as the secondary custodian, but Dad should have as much visitation with them as he has historically, weekday(s), more weekend(s), diner visits etcetera:  This generalization is sometimes balanced when the parents have jointly raised the child(ren) in terms of feeding, spending time with them, nurturing them and Dad is living just down the road and in the same school district; (3) If a parent is going to have to suffer supervised visitation there had better be a good reason with express testimony and history presented that the parent lacks parenting skills, is hot tempered, egocentric to a fault capable of not properly monitoring children and that more likely than not and that probably clearly and convincingly proven, the child(ren)s best interests are not served by being alone with Mom or Dad.  If a party can't present evidence that would support a TPO, DEFACS is not involved, and a party cannot show that the other parent is unstable and, or, has absolutely no parenting skills, then why exactly should the Court who is charged by law with insuring that children are co-parented as much as possible, decided to rule against that mandate?

DIVORCE LAWYER NEWNAN: Is there a right to counsel in contempt?

For failing to pay child support: Probably not going to happen any time soon. The more intriguing question is how do deadbeat parents survive and are the people who enable them to avoid paying child support liable for the support themselves? I opine that they are in certain circumstances.

Here is the story out of the Supreme Court 2011:  RIGHT TO COUNSEL IN SUPPORT CONTEMPT


An economical Attorney is not a cheap lawyer.  The use of computers and the web; scanning documents; cutting and pasting emails from a client who sets forth a chronology of events; all help to keep costs down.  My personal hourly rate is substantial but still well below comparable attorneys practicing inside the beltway surrounding Atlanta and Midtown.  Many of my colleagues and friends there are also using state of the art technologies that have changed how the game is played and the costs of playing it.  There is no excuse for not hiring good counsel.  Call me today to discuss your family law matter, your business matter, your estate matter.  I look forward to talking to you and upon the signing of a written contract, being your attorney.  Call me @ 770-253-7778


   FAMILY LAW JOURNAL: Winter 2011  There are several good articles in here.  I advise reading them, but implementation of any of the subjects, and any specific advise should be in person with a Lawyer of your choosing.  Practicing law yourself is about like deciding to do your own dental work:  You do not have the skill, the expertise,  or the disengaged analytical perspective to be your own lawyer.  I do not mean any of this the wrong way but dancing around a 600 lb Gorilla in the middle of the room has never been my style.  Please seek a good lawyer's advise and counsel on any and all major decisions in your life.

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Mega Millions Lottery Winner Holly Lahti's Story Marred by Jarring Mug Shot