Rambling thoughts at Christmas Time: Children are egocentric and get more so the older they age. Do not transpose your beliefs about how you think they should see your divorce. The silver lining is to always remember that they get 2 Christmases. They will wonder if the divorce was their fault and need to be told it was not ~ once. Like horses and pets, Children not only learn from our words, but our tone, cues, gestures, etcetera. The phrase 'Grown Children' is an oxymoron: when children reach age 18 they are as a matter of law 'of majority' under Georgia and thus, also as a matter of law, no longer children but sons and daughters ~ childhood is then but memory. Make your memories fond. Don't qualify to go on the Jerry Springer Show. Here's Wishing You Nothing but The Best! Live Well, Love Truly and Prosper In Your Endeavors!