Pratlaw Ga Regarding Yasmin

Yasmin contraception tablets are having negative side effects on patients. If you have been taking Yasmin, you should be vigilant and concerned, especially if you smoke or already have heart issues. These are the women that are most at risk of suffering severe side effects from taking Yasmin, although studies show that it can happen to any woman taking the medicine! If you notice a trouble breathing, unnecessary vaginal bleeding, or the commencement of migraines or if you are diagnosed as having liver afflictions, blood clots, gallbladder damage, or some other unusual health issue that is causing you concern you need to seek medical help and a lawyer that knows how to pursue a products liability claim [failure to warn] now before valuable evidence in your case is “lost” or disappears or is forgotten. Lawyers all over the country are putting together lawsuits including class actions against Bayer, the company that manufactures Yasmin: Yasmin contains a diuretic which can raise or lower the quantity of potassium in the body which in turn, can end up in atypical heart rhythms and poor circulation bringing on blood clots and heart attacks. In October, 2008, the FDA wrote a letter to Bayer accusing it of false advertising and in response, Bayer started a $20 million corrective advert campaign however, for many women the damage has been done already. In 2008 alone there were over 240 million units of Yasmin produced and although sales have dropped significantly there are still thousands of women taking the medication. It has been alleged that there have been more than 50 women have died as a direct result of taking Yasmin, one death involved a 17-year-old girl who died after only 6 months of Yasmin use. Since there are still so many women that have taken Yasmin and suffered health problems and these cases yet to be processed it is likely that a class action suit might be started in the future. A class action legal action is one that’s filed on behalf of a large number of victims. It is usually recommended that any one taking Yasmin switch to some other form of birth control as quickly as possible. If you’ve already been taking Yasmin and have noticed a change in your health or worse have develop serious side-effects, google Pratlaw ga and contact R. Keith Prater, P.C. “If we can’t help you we will know who can” means that if we do not file your claim ourselves we will coordinate you into one of the class actions that have or will be filed.