Willie Nelson said it in the way of the great lyricist: "Divorce is so expensive because it is worth it". An old friend of mine who gave up half of a lifetime of work and asset building said the same thing another way when at a diner party she answered my question about how she thought her divorce went and what she really thought about my representation of her now that the 'dust had settled'. I held my breath because she was and is a friend and all of us know that she got to where she is in business because she is frank and to the point. She said without thinking ~ the truth was clearly behind her thoughts: "Keith, it was the best money I ever spent." ~ this after 2 years of agony, tears and frustration about her losing everything to what amounted to a 'house husband' [both the kids were grown] and more than a few strains on our friendship. Divorce can be the beginning of a new life if you have a plan for the future because once the divorce is done both parties have new energy ~ will they spend it in mourning, anger, spite or in a new plan of action for their life. Energy will always go somewhere. Don't kid yourself, divorce is very close to the pain of loosing a loved one and the sting and depression can be severe. I recommend some counseling and reflection ~ a good, sound church pastor, a good sound psychologist, a good sound life coach. My advice is slow your life down and spend a lot of time out of doors: garden; go to every state park and national park in Georgia for at least a night stay-over. Write down your goals, what were they when you were 18? Think about why are they are different now? Maybe they shouldn't be ... etcetera ... think about who you are and how you have become. Change can be a great thing. Divorce can really be the best money ever spent in a lot of cases! Make your case one of those.